Client Troubleshooting

Setting up Demonsaw is very straight forward, but sometimes you might run into a simple problem that you overlook. Here we'll cover some of the most common problems when working with Demonsaw, from Client to Router, and aim to be mostly platform neutral.

Unable to launching Demonsaw

Connectivity Issues

Client icon won't stay green

This is usually a sign that your ISP is not handling sockets correctly or your internet could be suffering problems. If it is not either of these it is likely one of the below issues with the router you're connected to.

Cannot connect to a router


If your client crashes when trying to save settings then Demonsaw isn't running with the permissions to save demonsaw.xml. For most all other crashes it would be a problem with Demonsaw, take note of what you did when the crash occured and report the error with as much detail as possible, there might already be a fix in progress.


Reasons for downloads not starting

Reasons for uploads not starting